Our solution

 Medyria's solution, called the TrackCath System (TCS) is designed for EVAR procedures. 

The EVAR procedure

During an EVAR procedure, a delivery catheter is inserted into the aneurysm to guide the stent graft into place. The endovascular stent graft is placed inside the abdominal aorta to help keep the aneurysm from bursting. Depending on the complexity of the aneurysm, the stent graft could have fenestration to ensure the perfusion of the side branches. Currently, imaging techniques, such as X-ray and C-dye, are used to identify and cannulate the side branches of the aorta.  

​The following tasks are important:

  • Identifying the correct landing zone :

The position of the side branches delivers the important information for the sizing of a stent graft and identification of the correct landing zone. Precise alignment of the stent’s opening with the side branches is important to ensure a positive outcome.

  • Insertion of the catheter :

The insertion of a catheter, or a guide wire, into a branch originating from a main vessel can be a very difficult and challenging task, especially if the side branches present a severe stenosis (or restriction of the lumen).

The TrackCath System

Medyria develops a sensor-based plug and play System TrackCath System (TCS) designed for X-ray and C-dye free minimal invasive endovascular procedure. TCS is designed to provide operators with relevant information in real time related to catheter positioning in the aortic vasculature. 


The proprietary sensing technology measures the blood flow velocity changes and processes the data.This measurement is designed to help identify the correct target position.The TCS is designed to support the physician when positioning the catheter at the landing zone.  

The TrackCath System is designed to be fully compatible with standards tools and instrumentation used in the operation room or catheter-lab. Its functioning is designed to be intuitive to the physician.


The TrackCath System includes three core elements: 

The TrackCath Catheter (TC Catheter)

The TrackCath Catheter is a disposable device, available in different sizes and shapes.

It can be used as a guiding (guidewire positioning) and as a diagnostic catheter.

The sensor embedded shaft is designed to measure blood flow velocity changes, in real time and accurately, irrespective of the position of the TC catheter within the lumen. The TrackCath Catheter is compatible with 4-French catheter sizing 

The TrackCath Catheter is operated by the Flow Measurement Unit (FMU).

The FMU system is based on hot-wire anemometry technology.  

The FMU can be clamped on the operating table away from the TrackCath Monitor 

The Flow Measurement Unit (FMU)

The TrackCath Monitor (TCM) 

The TrackCath Monitor (TCM) is a flat screen. The interface TCM is designed to be user-friendly, simple and intuitive to operators.

The connected TrackCath Catheter is automatically detected by the TCM. 

TCM live measurement values are designed to guide the operator to the target position with high accuracy level.

The TCM is a stand-alone device, designed to fit into the operating room.


CAUTION - Investigational device. Limited by law to investigational use.