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Enabling a new standard of care to safer and more effective endovascular procedures


Medyria strives to deliver to cardiovascular surgeons, blood flow velocity guided medical devices for safer and more effective cardiovascular procedural outcomes


The Problem

In minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures, the limitation of precise navigation possibilities and high complexity of the procedural steps hinders fast identification of vessel bifurcation and assessment of blood flow. These difficulties are often addressed with increased utilisation of contrast media and X-ray, highly toxic for both patients and medical operators.

8 out of 10 cardiovascular patients are at risk of contrast induced nephropathy*


*Kristin Weiss, Auswirkungen von vorbestehender chronischer Niereninsuffizienz auf das Outcome von Patienten nach endovaskulärer Ausschaltung eines Bauchaortenaneuysmas, DGG Conference, 2014

Our Solution

Medyria technology increases patient and physician safety, minimizes procedural manipulations, reducing procedure time, potential complications and overall costs, as it aims to reduce X-Ray exposure and contrast media utilisation

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